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DUO UK Trails Trip

Today’s theme is trails. After all, it’s where we all started, right? Check out the DUO UK team consisting of Matty Priest, Martyn Tambling, Lima, Boyd William, and Kriss Kyle flow like no other in this new edit. This pretty much sums up what DUO Brand is all about. Ride your bike and have a damn good time doing it.

Watch Doyle Murder Trails In France

Kink just dropped this new trails edit with Doyle from France. So good! D-Man shuts down every single jump/roller/berm in this edit. Let’s hope he does the same this weekend at the Dude Tour in Portland…

Bohan In Red Bull’s Ride & Seek Episode 2

YouTube Preview Image

Episode two of Red Bull’s Ride & Seek takes Bohan and crew to the middle of the desert. They did spend some time visiting with a sick kid at a hospital before leaving SLC, which was awesome to see. At the end you’ll get a preview of the backyard trails in Colorado that the crew will ride in episode three… Can’t wait to watch Corey thrown down some serious style over endless lines of dubs!

Bohan In Red Bull’s Ride & Seek Episode 1

YouTube Preview Image

Bohan and a bunch of Red Bull dudes (no Martinez though) hit up Matt Beringer’s back yard in episode one of Red Bull’s Ride & Seek. You know your boy has some good clips in this.

New Scotty Cranmer Interview!

Kurt from The Union caught up with Scotty in LA after X-Games and this interview is the result. Here’s what Scotty had to say about being a part of DUO: “DUO is such an awesome experience. An awesome purpose, an awesome team, and awesome products. From the beginning, I have felt like I have been part of something special. They are always coming out with top of the line and ground breaking products and the sky is the limit!”

Van In Fit’s Warehouse BBQ Edit

Van’s got some dope clips in Fit’s new Warehouse BBQ edit. I was really hyped on his bars to x-up at the 36-second mark. Check it.

Van Talks X-Games

Van talks about competing in the X-Games over on the Fit site. Click here to check out what he had to say about this year’s event.

Scotty In Monster’s X-Games Recap Video

YouTube Preview Image

Check out Scotty in Monster’s X-Games recap video. Fast forward to the 1:15 mark to see Scotty in action (unless you like watching vert). According to Scotty, this year’s park course separated the men from the boys.

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